Marcus Livesay (b. December 22)
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter


University of Connecticut
VCU Brandcenter


Sees problems from multiple perspectives Finds hidden answers to conceptual challenges
Handles uncertainty well
Initiates originality over conventionality of thought
Perceptive communicator
Fluid collaborator within and across disciplines
Cogently and articulately presents and defends creative work 


- Natural storyteller: clear, engaging, non-jargony  
- Holistic clarity across communication programs, campaigns, channels 
- Prioritize and guide work forward across teams
- Strategic/insights rooted, creatively innovative
- Navigate ambiguity in fast-paced environments
- Define and drive the creative vision from concept to implementation 
- Elevate everything in the creation of that vision across executions
- Protect the integrity of the idea through production - Help others understand, refine and improve outcomes


Copywriting and creative direction across consumer advertising and brand marketing, helping shape evolving companies and their brands through pivotal periods of growth.

I tell the story of the insight.

Growing up I was fascinated with belonging and place. I listened and looked, gripped by the details, textures, and tones around me. I apply that same curiosity and wonder to helping people consider who they are, what they make, why they do what they do, and how that works in the world. 

The intent is to make sure perception rings true and bring out a company’s best qualities. So they can live beyond potential and as widescreen as their ambitions, while helping them express themselves in the clearest most honest way they can.