Malibu TV + Print

Asked to evolve award-winning Seriously Easy Going campaign and bring its Caribbean mindset into the everyday. 

Nine months in pitch mode. Two clients, a French team and a US team that didn’t share the same sense of humor. Briefed, debriefed, re-briefed. Multiple creative teams. Rounds on rounds of work. Teams reshuffled. After seeing rounds of comedy, the client shifted and asked for anthemic. We wrote a script for a flip-flop world. 

Interim Print Campaign

Transitional work moving from “Seriously Easy Going” to “Get Your Island On” 

Role: Senior Copywriter
ECD/AD: Eric Cosper
ECD/Copy: Simeon Roane
CD: Duncan Marshall
CD: Dan Cohen
AD: Janny (Yang) Jacinto
Director: Albert Kodagolian
Production: Leelee Groome, Katie West
Agencies: Publicis NY & Droga 5