Assignments have appeared in digital and offline media including video, display, OLA, websites, social, print, broadcast, outdoor, and the occipital lobe.

I prefer to work first thing in the morning, late afternoon, and dead of night.

Besides communications, other conversation forms I’m a fan of are artifacts, illustration, painting, music, objects, surprise, photography, nature, large-scale immersive structures, listening, and food.

I had a college radio show in Maine. We were on very early in the a.m. and believing we had no listeners at that hour, played a record marked “explicit.” Turns out the FCC was listening at that hour. So we pulled the Blowfly tribute we had lined up for the following week. Another time, to liven up that ghostly morning slot, I announced on air that we would not take any more requests. The phone lit up. I learned a couple of things from that.

Films I have enjoyed are too varied and inconclusive to list, but generally I like Russian science fiction and samurai movies, and anything by Nicolas Roeg, David Lynch, and Jonathan Glazer.

Music I enjoy includes experimental, psych, jazz, metal, punk, earworms, classical, soundtrack music, American primitive guitar, garage, synth, anything weird and hardly anything mass. I couldn’t live without music and the gift of live performances. It motivates and inspires me. 

Animals I like include manatees, armadillos, mongooses, and horses.

Magazines I currently read include Harper’s, The Paris Review, MIT Technology Review’s The Download, The Creative Independent and Satisfy Running’s Possessed.

When I was young I read Mad Magazine, The Savage Sword of Conan, Hit Parader, Surfer, BMX Action, Thrasher, and I belonged to a science fiction book club.

I now read John McPhee.

I have travelled to London, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Dublin, Bermuda and driven across the U.S. three times.

I enjoy clips of Bill Murray interviews. 

My father wanted me to be an engineer.