Medallia is a Silicon Valley tech company specializing in real-time business intel. They make experience management software to improve customer and employee experiences. Its machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics didn’t exactly make for great party conversation. We helped them realize their product’s emotional appeal was just as important as its functional abilities.

Adapt [magazine]

How do you make technology approachable without diluting it?

Adapt premier issue, Vol. 0, The Foundation

Conceived as a survival guide. Designed for coffee tables, the c-suite, investors, customers, prospects, and CX professionals. Focused on Medallia’s ethos and expertise. Developed with the VP of Brand. Pitched to the CMO as the anti-whitepaper, because those are beige.

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Role: Creative Director, Writer/Editor 
VP of Brand/CD: Tim Queenan
Art Direction/Design: Nate Dolce
Designer: Brad Matsushita

Medallia Perspectives [ebook series]

Created as a guide to break into vertical markets (insurance, retail, banking, telecommunications and media) and illuminate what’s critical for success within digital transformation. Focused on how Medallia’s software cultivates resiliency and adaptability.

Melded brand and content team. Partnered with industry analysts, sales and research. An iterative process—from vision, to content, to review. Interviewing, writing, evaluating. Repeat.

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Role: Cross-Funtional Lead, Writer/Editor
VP of Brand: Tim Queenan
Head of Content Marketing: Alana Zamora
Designer: Brad Matsushita

Medallia for Government [DC metro takeover]

Two weeks from go to out-in-the-world. A day to develop creative. Headline strikethrough style mandated. How do we say its software that’s built for all government customers: the applicants, constituents, veterans, employees, and patients?

Meet Medallia. It’s customer experience software for everyone.

Role: Writer 
CD: Brynn Haynam
Senior Producer: Ryan Clifford
Head of Content: Alana Zamora
Agency: Teak, San Francisco 

Site Renewal

Partnered with analysts to edit and refine industry pages. Wrote customer “win” stories/case studies. Delivered concept for motion video background on static homepage. Helped define Athena A.I.