Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The name itself feels like a blunt instrument. Big. Layered. Authoritarian. We wanted to scootch it a bit closer to the public service part of its personality. Where we could, we attempted to make it more human.

Fulton Center

What will sunlight do for a New Yorker’s subway experience? The Fulton sky reflector-net aims natural light four stories deep into the underground. Apologies to the mole people.

New York’s Next Great Public Space
announced the opening of the rehabilitated station and new retail space. 

eTix app

A ticket machine in the palm of your hand. Literally.

EasyPay MetroCard relaunch

Even the vending machines are sick of seeing you wait in line. 75% enrollment increase

LIRR Cannonball Express social campaign

If you don’t have access to an amphibious aircraft that whisks you out to your beachy playground, no reason to cry. 

Role: concepts/writer
Creative Director, SVP: Chris Austopchuk
Sr AD: Maria Marulanda
Sr AD: Jeff Gilligan
AD: Connie Jun
Agency: Arcade Creative Group, Sony Music Entertainment