Naming project for an Amazon Prime Video channel, streaming high-quality, archival music content from iconic artists. This unearthed content would add to what was known, expanding the artist’s story to make it more powerful and interesting.  

It needed to evoke “music” and “rare.” It also needed to be easy to process, highly noticable in the space/product category, and most importantly have memorability. Presented six rounds. “Coda” was actually from the third round. 

Coda /ˈkōdə/ (noun): an addition to musical pieces or movements, rarities collection of unused tracks 
Our logic: Coda channel provides added content to continue and expand the artist’s legacy

More than the streaming service, Coda also became the name for the multi-media company that launched the channel. Since letters aren’t much to look at, here are some of the ways the identity is living in the world:  

Role: writer 
Head of Creative: Chris Austopchuk 
CD: Scott Duncan
Agency: Creative Group, Sony Music Entertainment