Built around wry observations, Reese’s :15 animations combined surprising visuals with punchy one-liners. 

Halloween TV/Print/OOH + Digital
Coax an interesting visual out of the product. Expand :15 to a micro story. Inject it with some fun B-movie/grindhouse energy.  Scary good for sales.

2 peanut butter cups
1 memory of wind-up chattering teeth
Pinch of John Carpenter’s Halloween 3 

Bwahaha” :15
Create a diabolical laugh with our voice changer. Share it with younger sibling.

Print + OHH

Brand spot 
The brief was the same as the last twelve. Tell people about the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. 

Combination” :15

Love Games” :15

Movie Tie-in
For research we we went to Marvel Entertainment HQ on 6th Ave. to read the script before the movie was out! They made us surrender our cell phones before giving us access. Top. Secret. 

Avengers” :15

Role: Senior Copywriter
AD: Nate Dolce
AD: Jesse Packer
CD: Thom Baginski
CD: Gary Rozanski
Animation: Imaginary Forces
Agency: Arnold NY