Selected Works

10 Cane eCard

10 Cane was LVMH’s entry into luxury rum, Invite celebrated the end of winter and the arrival of rum season, inviting people to on Groundhog Day.

Agency: Mother NY
Team: Linus Karlsson, Todd Lamb, Sean Carmody, David Mashburn


Mother's and Father's Day social campaign for Benihana

Agency: Cramer Krasselt NY
Team: Craig Markus, I-Ping Chiang, Benjamin Neenan

Sony Pictures Television

Promoting commercial pods for Sony distributed comedy programming, Comedy Clusters cereal was inspired by the Seinfeld character’s collection of cereal. 

The dart board winks at the precision of targeted media placement available with Sony Pictures Television. Each dart’s fins features one of the syndicated comedy shows. So you could just toss a dart and see where to place your budget.

Agency: Arcade Creative Group/Sony
Team: Chris Austopchuk, Maureen Murphy, Connie Jun


Inches from Logan runway, the pilot aborted, and we were rocketing skyward. Barf bags deployed. The average go-around is 1-3 per 1000 approaches. Two hours later we’d done what hadn’t happened over the previous nine months of work, we had the CEO’s sign off.

Agency: Arnold NY
Client: John Chuang/Aquent
Photographer: Chris McPherson
Props: House of Schwartz

Team: Angela Wei, Nate Dolce, Mary Toto

Vault-digital display

The Soda for Men relaunched Vault as Coca-Cola’s answer to Mountain Dew. Here’s a banner unit. 

Agency: Publicis NY
Team: Eric Cosper, An
gelo Pournaras