Mother's and Father's Day social campaign for Benihana

Agency: Cramer Krasselt NY
Team: Craig Markus, I-Ping Chiang, Benjamin Neenan

Sony Pictures Television

Stays funny, even in milk: We shipped Comedy Clusters cereal (inspired by the Seinfeld character’s collection of cereal) to promote commercial pods for Sony distributed comedy programming.  

Aim for more eyeballs: To suggest the precision of targeted media placement available with Sony Pictures Television, we made dartboards. Dart fins featured one of the syndicated comedy shows. 

Agency: Arcade Creative Group/Sony
Team: Chris Austopchuk, Maureen Murphy, Connie Jun


Inches from the Logan runway, the pilot aborted, and we were rocketing skyward. Barf bags deployed. The average go-around is 1-3 per 1000 approaches. Two hours later we’d done what hadn’t happened over the previous nine months of work, we had the CEO’s sign off.

Agency: Arnold NY
Client: John Chuang/Aquent
Photographer: Chris McPherson
Props: House of Schwartz

Team: Angela Wei, Nate Dolce, Mary Toto


The Soda for Men relaunched Vault as Coca-Cola’s answer to Mountain Dew. 

Agency: Publicis NY
Team: Eric Cosper, An
gelo Pournaras