TV Spots


Get Your Island On brought the Caribbean to the mainland.

Agency: Publicis NY
Team: Eric Cosper, Dan Cohen, Albert Kodagolian (Director), Leelee Groome, Katie West


Product demo that moved units. Shot in a hangar at the legendary Silvercup Studios in Queens.

Agency: Publicis NY
Team: Eric Cosper, Ed Han, Paul Vinod, Nate Dolce, Lloyd Stein (Director)


Hershey's Canada simplified their ingredients to deliver a better bar. Simply Delicious centered around the value of simplicity. Positive brand perception jumped 35%.
The new work helped them rebound in a market that had given up on massed produced American chocolate.

Agency: Arnold NY
Team: Ken Ferris, Nate Dolce, Kinka Usher (Director), Nancy Hacohen (Producer)